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Here at Creepy Crawly Critters, we provide fun, educational workshops and parties for all ages.
So whether you are looking for a fun and exciting experience for your child’s birthday party, or something different to wow your guests at a wedding, Creepy Crawly Critters can make your event one to remember.

We provide a wide variety of invertebrates, reptiles and mammals that are sure to impress you.

Although we encourage everybody to take part and handle the animals, we will not force it upon anybody and they are welcome to just watch, but the one thing we aim for, is for you to go away with a new found love and respect for our creepy crawly critters!

Animal welfare is paramount, if any of our animals are unable to attend we will try to source a stand in. We hope you understand that we do not want to stress any of our animals out or risk illness or injury. If any of the animals that you wanted to see are unable to attend, we will inform you immediately and try to provide a suitable stand in, but please note this may not always be possible.

All of these animals are personal pets and mean the world to us, we do not want to put them under any stress.

We will provide hand sanitizer on the day which we encourage everyone to use before and after handling the animals.


"Corey really enjoyed it. thanks again! Anyone looking for a creepy crawly show etc this lady deffo knows her stuff 5* !"

Clive Senior

"Such a brilliant morning! Thanks so much- the boys loved it. Xx"

Ellie Blenkinsop